Oct 12 2012

Jaguar aims for Crossover and small sedan after the F-Type

Indeed, there is no denying that the F-Type Convertible is a big milestone for Jaguar. It is a product of tons of effort and investment resulting to a no compromise ride. As the car nears its production run, a lot of people are wondering what will be the next move of the storied car manufacturer.

The F-Type will most likely serve as the gold standard for the next models of the brand. It will be the core of the Jaguar range from which new products like compact sedans and crossovers will take inspiration from.

During a press conference, the topman of Jaguar, Adrian Hallmark pointed out that they will hold on to their company’s principles of performance leadership, design, and innovation when thinking of new vehicles to give their consumers.

Experts are assuming that a coupe variant of the F-Type might be released before any crossover or any sub-XF sedan can be give a go signal. This will be a better move for Jaguar to compete with great products like the Porsche 911 or the V8 Vantage from Aston Martin. Anyone can make a wild guess when a coupe will be released but most it might be safe to say that it could be a year after the launch of the convertible.

Jaguar might just surprise everyone with the next member of their range. For sure though it will be a vehicle with a great design and with promises of a great driving experience for the owner. Jaguar has made some good strides in the recent years so we will not be surprise if it will roll out a vehicle that is built to impress.

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Jul 11 2012

Jaguar vehicles in the United States get a Turbo Four, V-6, and new transmission

2013-Jaguar-XJ-and-XFThe era of an all V-8 range may come to an end as the luxury car manufacturer may introduce by 2013 new engines for the XJ and the XF. There will also be new gearboxes and other upgrades. V-8 lovers need not worry as the enginesw will still be there.

The sedans of the XJ and XF series will be sporting supercharged V-6 powerplants with three liters of displacement. This engine, derived from the current five-liter V-8, will have an output of 340 horses and a torque of 332 lb-ft. These numbers still make the cats competitive with other brands carrying V-6 under the hood.

For the XJ, Jaguar will make as standard the supercharged V-6 engine with the V-8 as options. The new engine will give out 385 horses taking the naturally aspirated form and a more potent 470 or 510 hp output when supercharged. The XF will have a new engine that will be positioned under the variant carrying its supercharged V-6. This two-liter engine will be able to produce 240 hp and a torque of 251 lb-ft.

Just like its counterparts in the BMW and Audi garage, the Jaguars will make use of a new 8-speed automatic gearbox designed by ZF for the US vehicles. The ZF transmision will be transfering engine power to the wheels for the XJ and XF in place of the six-sped automatic versions.

Other details about these changes in the lineup of the Jaguar will be available by August. The carmaker clarified that the XK convertible and coupe will not get engine and gearbox changes. Other tweaks done across the pond may eventually get to the American releases of the brand. We also do not have the pricing details for these new variations.

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Apr 23 2012

Jaguar Land Rover and Chery to Produce Vehicles in China

jaguar-land-roverTwo large British car manufacturers, the Jaguar Land Rover, and the Chery, have just sealed the deal. They’re set to collaborate and produce competitive cars in the country where every car manufacturer seems to have its eyes set on: China. The only thing that’s holding them back is the fact that their $2.78B deal is still subject for the approval of the Chinese government. British car manufacturers are certainly looking to expand beyond Europe because the car sales there are dropping. China, on the other hand, is showing great potential.

China seems to be immune to the economic turmoil which Europe is currently feeling. SUVs and luxury cars are still in demand in the country. This joint venture is very important for the Jaguar Land Rover whose sales have been affected by the dropping demand in Europe.

However, the deal has been stopped short because of the regulations in eastern China. Jaguar Land Rover is currently being represented by Tata Motors, a subsidiary. Chery is representing itself. No news about the progress of the request has been heard to this date but the two giant car manufacturers are looking forward to positive results.

It must be noted that getting the approval of the Chinese government can take a really long time. Fuji Heavy Industries tried to do this last year, and they still haven’t gotten through today. It is still very unclear whether or not their proposal to manufacture cars in the country has been approved.

Despite of this, JLR and Chery remain optimistic. They said that they will focus on research and development while they are waiting for the results. In the meantime, they know that JLR and Chery vehicles are wanted in China, so even if they have to wait for a long time to be approved, they know their vehicles will sell well.

Jan 16 2012

Jaguar Land Rover in China post 61% jump in sales for 2011

Jaguar Land Rover is all smiles as they post a sky high jump in sales in China for 2011. JLR improved its sales figure by as much as 61% which translates to 42,063 units delivered in China.

The company points to their efforts of meeting the specific wishes of the Chinese market for the success of the brand. This is practically the move of most car manufacturers in the world today in an attempt to get a chunk ofthe sales from the seconds biggest car market in the world today.

According to Jaguar Land Rover, it is the roll out of the 6 cylinder 3.0 Jaguar XJ aimed at the elites of the business sector of the market which played a major factor for the success of the bran. Jaguar was able to deliver 5,976 units in 2011 in China while Land Rover improved its sales figures by 54% and delivered 36,087 vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover established 100 dealerships all over China before 2011 ended but the company claims that some customers still has to wait for about a year for their vehicles to be delivered because of the very high demand for some of their units like the recently released Evoque.

The British car manufacturer, owned by Tata Motors of India since 2008 has forecasted to double their sales in Hong Kong by 2017. Last year, they were able to deliver 385 units in Hong Kong and opened a show room which will specifically address the needs of Land Rover fans.

Oct 21 2011

Jaguar working on a new compact sedan and sports car based on C-X16 concept

2011-Jaguar-C-X16-ConceptLuxury carmaker Jaguar is planning to add a sports car to their lineup which will be deriving inspiration from the concept car C-X16 that took spotlight in the recent Frankfurt motor show. Jaguar executives in the event shared with the press that this sports car is ready to hit the production line.

Jaguar is also working on a compact sedan but this one will not be hitting the markets until after a few years. The earliest possible date for this new Jaguar vehicle is 2014.

One unadvantage to Jaguar’s game is its V8 5.0L engine that are currently under the hood of the XF, XK, and the XJ. There are new powerplants on the work but are not expected to be done for several years.

The current owner of Jaguar, Tata Motors, will be injecting around $2.45 billion per year on the brand and its sibling Land Rover in the next 60 months in order to improve the production facilities, the line of engines, and come up with new products.

The new sports car following the lines of the C-X16 concept will most likely have a two seat configuration. This new ride is expected to go on sale as early as next year. The 2-door coupe will test the grounds with competitors like the Porsche Boxster. Jaguar sees this new sports car as the successor to the timeless E-Type that was produced half a century ago. The concept vehicle has a V-6 under its long hood. The performance numbers have not yet revealed by Jaguar.

Jaguar is also planning to have a production version of the hybrid C-X75 concept that went to the Paris show last year. The production run for this supercar will start by 2013 thru 2015. This limited run will only roll out 250 units with a price tag of $1.2 to $1.5 million each.

Aug 18 2011

Jaguar to debut a new sports car: Codenamed XE

Luxury car brand Jaguar is known for its iconic E-type model that has put the car brand on the automobile map for the past 36 years. Today, the British carmaker will finally debut a new sports car with an initial price tag of £40,000 and will be the direct competitor of the Porsche Boxer. Its codename is XE and according to an inside source from Jaguar, the new sports car will “blow the rest of the industry away.” Pretty intense and ambitious claim but for a brand like Jaguar, it’s interesting to see how the new sports car will look like.

No official batch of photos have been released or leaked yet but according to sources, the Jaguar XE will roll out into showrooms by late 2012. Moreover, the new sports car might make its debut this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Its competitor, the Porsche 911 of the German automaker will also be debuted on that show. Let’s see how that will pan out.

Experts in the automobile industry and insiders believe that the XE’s design will reflect the brand’s philosophy which is the expression of lightness. This new style principle will also resonate in the future models that will effectively show its lightness because they are made from aluminum. Production of the XE will take place in Castle Bromwich. The new sports car is said to come with V6 petrol engine units with a supercharged engine and turbocharged V4 options with an 8-speed automatic gearbox and stop-start feature.

Jul 8 2011

Jaguar gives go signal for XF Wagon

An executive from Jaguar confirmed that the car manufacturer has given the green light for the rumored wagon version of the Jaguar XF sedan. For Jaguar lovers in North America, it is a bad news that the XF wagon might not reach its shores.

Reports say that the information came from an Engineering Manager of Jaguar saying that the XF wagon is on the cars. Another executive that handles the design for the brand said that the XF wagon will be something different and it will come with panache and character.

The Jaguar Land Rover in North America has reviewed their line up and understands the gaps that they need to fill thru expansion. The XF estate is a vehicle that they may consider in the future but they do not have plans for the wagon at the moment and did not release more information with regard to probable timing, details, or any confirmation for the XF wagon in North America.

Jaguar marketed an Estate model called X-Type Sportswagon in the United States back in 2005 running through 2008 but the vehicle went on a slow phase in the market.

The Jaguar really has done a lot to make it good in the luxury segment with their current line of XF, XJ, and XK which can make car lovers drool for their design lines. It may really good timing for Jaguar to release the XF wagon as the competition plans to roll out their bets like BMW working on the M5 Estate, Cadillac on their Sport Wagon CTS-V, and E63 AMG Estate from Mercedes Benz.

Dec 9 2010

Jaguar recalls 6,475 2010-11 XJ units due to windshield wiper problems

Who will ever think that a rainy day can spell big problem if you are driving a Jaguar XJ. That might just be the case if you own one of the 6475 XJs that is being recalled in the U.S. due to windshield wipers that may fall off its attachment according to the findings of the NHTSA or National Highway Safety Administration.

The XJ units which were produced between July 28 last year and November 3 this year has problems with the front wiper which was not torqued properly during their assembly.

In a press release, the NHSTA explains that the nuts securing the wiper may fail and lead to the clashing of the wiper arms after they go out of sync. Once the wiper arms clash, they can detach from the car which eventually may decrease visibility and increase the probability of meeting an accident.

Another documentation states that Jaguar has not received reports on customers having road mishaps or incurring injuries because of the wiper problem.

Dealers are instructed to check and secure the wiper using the right amount of torque. The recall will start by December 13. If you own an XJ that is due for this recall, you can call Jaguar through 1800-637-68-37. The fix is free of charge.

Jun 8 2010

The Difference Between Auto Insurance And Bike Insurance

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There are a lot of similarities between bike insurance and car insurance. The both serve the same purpose and that is to pay for any damage done in accident. The most important reason to have insurance and the reason that you are required by law to have it is to protect other people if you cause an accident. This is true for both cars and motorcycles. There are some important differences between car insurance and bike insurance and they mostly have to do with the differences between a driver of a car and the rider of a motorcycle, is what Carole Nash Insurance Consultants say.

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Jun 7 2010

On Hold: New Jaguar supercar

Recently Jaguar hinted that they will be introducing a new F-Type roadster to the market and expand their XF family. During the motor show in Detroit last ear, Mike O’ Driscoll, the Jag boss, hinted that an aggressive new supercar is in the works but there is a loud buzz that the new speed monster might be on hold.

According to spy reports filed, the new Jaguar supercar is being worked on by engineers to fit the bill as the Audi R8 nemesis in the market. It is supposed to have a newly designed aluminum chassis that was inspired by the lines of the XJ and the XK. The designs that went out before suggests using aluminum panels over a composite tub and alloy. The engine will be a jacked up version of the supercharged 5.0L V8 used for the XFR.

A milder version of the said engine has already been tested and was able to zoom an XFR which was in near-stock state to 225 mph in the Bonneville Salt Flats. The new supercar is expected to at least match this number with blasting from 0 to 60 mph taking less than 4 seconds.

If the original plan pushed through, the XJ220 of the 21st century is due for the spotlights in one of the major auto shows. It seems the works for the new supercar has been put on hold to focus on the development of the new Jaguar F-Type