Nov 14 2008

Searching for Jaguar car insurance?

All intelligent car owners do insure their car and being the proud owner of a Jaguar you should insure it too. Car insurances do cost a good amount and eats up a great amount of your annual budget. However, you can reduce the same if you do a bit of research. This helps in the long run. Not only does it cause a smaller dent in your pocket, but it also permits you to drive with a peace of mind. The best place to search for Jaguar car insurance is the net.

You might also come across classified ads in the local papers. If you have the opportunity, check out a few car magazines, especially those that are featuring jaguar cars. They will provide you with details of various insurers who will give you the best deal when it comes to insuring your jaguar car. You should also know that there are several factors that influence the cost of insurance and that is the age and gender of the driver.

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Nov 2 2008

Does Jaguar have any “Green Cars”?

There are many people who if Jaguar does produce environment friendly cars (also known as green cars). These people should research a bit more about Jaguar. They do have environment friendly cars and are planning to introduce new technologies like the flywheel hybrid system and an extended electric car that will help protect the environment. The less fuel a car consumes the more environment friendly it becomes.

Everyone knows that a heavy car consumes more fuel than a lighter car and keeping this in mind Jaguar is using lightweight aluminum sheeting for the body of the car it produces. They are also planning to produce, within the next five years, cars made of aluminum sheeting that integrates aluminum that has been discarded by consumers as dump, like the cans of soft drinks. Not only will this make the cars environment friendly, it will also help to lower the production costs.

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