Jul 3 2009

Jaguar XKR in lime green reveals tough side for the Goodwood Special

The Hill Climb at the Goodwood Festival in United Kingdom is a show of form and power as the finest of cars battle it out for the glory. Jaguar recently announced that an XKR uniquely finished in lime green will compete in the event.

The motor event is set to push the XKR to its limits and give Jaguar engineers an opportunity to discover certain boundaries of its performance. Some are speculating that this might pave the way for the development of the XKR-R.

The specs of the lime green Jaguar for the Goodwood Speed Festival has not been disclosed. Everyone is certain though that it got an upgrade for its supercharged V8 5.0L power plant. That will definitely go beyond 503hp and most likely will range between 550hp and numbers above that.

Lime Green Jaguar XKR

The standard XKR is limited only to top the gauges at 155 mph. The fuel economy considerations is also good at 23mpg with carbon dioxide rating of 292g/km.

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