Aug 7 2009

Jaguar (and Land Rover) future models will have aluminum bodies

Tata Motors reveals that all vehicle models that we will be seeing in the future from Land Rover and Jaguar will use aluminum for their bodies. Jaguar has been using the technology for some of the members of their fleet and has acknowledged the aerodynamic and weight advantages of the approach.

The move will make Land Rover and Jaguar units a lot lighter and will enjoy fuel efficiency and mileage because of the change. Tata Motors which owns the two brands confirmed the move in the annual report of the company.

Tata makes the move following the negative performance of the tag team brands in 2008 which translates to a $1.1 billion loss. The lack of profit is blamed on the high cost of developing new models amid the global economic crisis. The other factors cited were the high expenses during production and the low demand of the market for luxury vehicles.

2007 Jaguar XK Convertible

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