Mar 6 2010

Details about the Jaguar electric luxury sedan revealed

Jaguar Land Rover which has been receiving grants from the United Kingdom government to push forward their Limo Green project is set to develop a luxury sedan that has lower than 120 grams per kilometer of CO2 emissions. Jaguar is joining hands with Caparo Vehicle Technologies and Lotus to develop the vehicle.

The Jaguar electric vehicle may have some design features following the lines of 2011 Jaguar XJ but what it will have is 145 kilowatt electric motor as its heart supplied by lithium ion batteries.

It will also come with a range extender in the form of a gasoline engine just like the design employed by the upcoming Chevrolet Volt. The range extender completes the series hybrid design when it runs a generator which in turn will be recharging the car’s battery pack.

Lotus engineers have designed a small 3-cylinder 1.2L engine that can give out 20 to 47 horsepower. This engine was unveiled by Lotus during the Frankfurt Motor Show last fall. It is a very lightweight engine at 126 pounds of single aluminum casting.

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