Dec 9 2010

Jaguar recalls 6,475 2010-11 XJ units due to windshield wiper problems

Who will ever think that a rainy day can spell big problem if you are driving a Jaguar XJ. That might just be the case if you own one of the 6475 XJs that is being recalled in the U.S. due to windshield wipers that may fall off its attachment according to the findings of the NHTSA or National Highway Safety Administration.

The XJ units which were produced between July 28 last year and November 3 this year has problems with the front wiper which was not torqued properly during their assembly.

In a press release, the NHSTA explains that the nuts securing the wiper may fail and lead to the clashing of the wiper arms after they go out of sync. Once the wiper arms clash, they can detach from the car which eventually may decrease visibility and increase the probability of meeting an accident.

Another documentation states that Jaguar has not received reports on customers having road mishaps or incurring injuries because of the wiper problem.

Dealers are instructed to check and secure the wiper using the right amount of torque. The recall will start by December 13. If you own an XJ that is due for this recall, you can call Jaguar through 1800-637-68-37. The fix is free of charge.