Aug 18 2011

Jaguar to debut a new sports car: Codenamed XE

Luxury car brand Jaguar is known for its iconic E-type model that has put the car brand on the automobile map for the past 36 years. Today, the British carmaker will finally debut a new sports car with an initial price tag of £40,000 and will be the direct competitor of the Porsche Boxer. Its codename is XE and according to an inside source from Jaguar, the new sports car will “blow the rest of the industry away.” Pretty intense and ambitious claim but for a brand like Jaguar, it’s interesting to see how the new sports car will look like.

No official batch of photos have been released or leaked yet but according to sources, the Jaguar XE will roll out into showrooms by late 2012. Moreover, the new sports car might make its debut this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Its competitor, the Porsche 911 of the German automaker will also be debuted on that show. Let’s see how that will pan out.

Experts in the automobile industry and insiders believe that the XE’s design will reflect the brand’s philosophy which is the expression of lightness. This new style principle will also resonate in the future models that will effectively show its lightness because they are made from aluminum. Production of the XE will take place in Castle Bromwich. The new sports car is said to come with V6 petrol engine units with a supercharged engine and turbocharged V4 options with an 8-speed automatic gearbox and stop-start feature.

Jul 8 2011

Jaguar gives go signal for XF Wagon

An executive from Jaguar confirmed that the car manufacturer has given the green light for the rumored wagon version of the Jaguar XF sedan. For Jaguar lovers in North America, it is a bad news that the XF wagon might not reach its shores.

Reports say that the information came from an Engineering Manager of Jaguar saying that the XF wagon is on the cars. Another executive that handles the design for the brand said that the XF wagon will be something different and it will come with panache and character.

The Jaguar Land Rover in North America has reviewed their line up and understands the gaps that they need to fill thru expansion. The XF estate is a vehicle that they may consider in the future but they do not have plans for the wagon at the moment and did not release more information with regard to probable timing, details, or any confirmation for the XF wagon in North America.

Jaguar marketed an Estate model called X-Type Sportswagon in the United States back in 2005 running through 2008 but the vehicle went on a slow phase in the market.

The Jaguar really has done a lot to make it good in the luxury segment with their current line of XF, XJ, and XK which can make car lovers drool for their design lines. It may really good timing for Jaguar to release the XF wagon as the competition plans to roll out their bets like BMW working on the M5 Estate, Cadillac on their Sport Wagon CTS-V, and E63 AMG Estate from Mercedes Benz.

Jun 7 2010

On Hold: New Jaguar supercar

Recently Jaguar hinted that they will be introducing a new F-Type roadster to the market and expand their XF family. During the motor show in Detroit last ear, Mike O’ Driscoll, the Jag boss, hinted that an aggressive new supercar is in the works but there is a loud buzz that the new speed monster might be on hold.

According to spy reports filed, the new Jaguar supercar is being worked on by engineers to fit the bill as the Audi R8 nemesis in the market. It is supposed to have a newly designed aluminum chassis that was inspired by the lines of the XJ and the XK. The designs that went out before suggests using aluminum panels over a composite tub and alloy. The engine will be a jacked up version of the supercharged 5.0L V8 used for the XFR.

A milder version of the said engine has already been tested and was able to zoom an XFR which was in near-stock state to 225 mph in the Bonneville Salt Flats. The new supercar is expected to at least match this number with blasting from 0 to 60 mph taking less than 4 seconds.

If the original plan pushed through, the XJ220 of the 21st century is due for the spotlights in one of the major auto shows. It seems the works for the new supercar has been put on hold to focus on the development of the new Jaguar F-Type