Jaguar to debut a new sports car: Codenamed XE

Luxury car brand Jaguar is known for its iconic E-type model that has put the car brand on the automobile map for the past 36 years. Today, the British carmaker will finally debut a new sports car with an initial price tag of £40,000 and will be the direct competitor of the Porsche Boxer. Its codename is XE and according to an inside source from Jaguar, the new sports car will “blow the rest of the industry away.” Pretty intense and ambitious claim but for a brand like Jaguar, it’s interesting to see how the new sports car will look like.

No official batch of photos have been released or leaked yet but according to sources, the Jaguar XE will roll out into showrooms by late 2012. Moreover, the new sports car might make its debut this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Its competitor, the Porsche 911 of the German automaker will also be debuted on that show. Let’s see how that will pan out.

Experts in the automobile industry and insiders believe that the XE’s design will reflect the brand’s philosophy which is the expression of lightness. This new style principle will also resonate in the future models that will effectively show its lightness because they are made from aluminum. Production of the XE will take place in Castle Bromwich. The new sports car is said to come with V6 petrol engine units with a supercharged engine and turbocharged V4 options with an 8-speed automatic gearbox and stop-start feature.

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