Jaguar vehicles in the United States get a Turbo Four, V-6, and new transmission

2013-Jaguar-XJ-and-XFThe era of an all V-8 range may come to an end as the luxury car manufacturer may introduce by 2013 new engines for the XJ and the XF. There will also be new gearboxes and other upgrades. V-8 lovers need not worry as the enginesw will still be there.

The sedans of the XJ and XF series will be sporting supercharged V-6 powerplants with three liters of displacement. This engine, derived from the current five-liter V-8, will have an output of 340 horses and a torque of 332 lb-ft. These numbers still make the cats competitive with other brands carrying V-6 under the hood.

For the XJ, Jaguar will make as standard the supercharged V-6 engine with the V-8 as options. The new engine will give out 385 horses taking the naturally aspirated form and a more potent 470 or 510 hp output when supercharged. The XF will have a new engine that will be positioned under the variant carrying its supercharged V-6. This two-liter engine will be able to produce 240 hp and a torque of 251 lb-ft.

Just like its counterparts in the BMW and Audi garage, the Jaguars will make use of a new 8-speed automatic gearbox designed by ZF for the US vehicles. The ZF transmision will be transfering engine power to the wheels for the XJ and XF in place of the six-sped automatic versions.

Other details about these changes in the lineup of the Jaguar will be available by August. The carmaker clarified that the XK convertible and coupe will not get engine and gearbox changes. Other tweaks done across the pond may eventually get to the American releases of the brand. We also do not have the pricing details for these new variations.

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