Jaguar working on a new compact sedan and sports car based on C-X16 concept

2011-Jaguar-C-X16-ConceptLuxury carmaker Jaguar is planning to add a sports car to their lineup which will be deriving inspiration from the concept car C-X16 that took spotlight in the recent Frankfurt motor show. Jaguar executives in the event shared with the press that this sports car is ready to hit the production line.

Jaguar is also working on a compact sedan but this one will not be hitting the markets until after a few years. The earliest possible date for this new Jaguar vehicle is 2014.

One unadvantage to Jaguar’s game is its V8 5.0L engine that are currently under the hood of the XF, XK, and the XJ. There are new powerplants on the work but are not expected to be done for several years.

The current owner of Jaguar, Tata Motors, will be injecting around $2.45 billion per year on the brand and its sibling Land Rover in the next 60 months in order to improve the production facilities, the line of engines, and come up with new products.

The new sports car following the lines of the C-X16 concept will most likely have a two seat configuration. This new ride is expected to go on sale as early as next year. The 2-door coupe will test the grounds with competitors like the Porsche Boxster. Jaguar sees this new sports car as the successor to the timeless E-Type that was produced half a century ago. The concept vehicle has a V-6 under its long hood. The performance numbers have not yet revealed by Jaguar.

Jaguar is also planning to have a production version of the hybrid C-X75 concept that went to the Paris show last year. The production run for this supercar will start by 2013 thru 2015. This limited run will only roll out 250 units with a price tag of $1.2 to $1.5 million each.

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