Jaguar’s Racing History

There are people who are interested n cars and there are people who are interested in racing. There are some people who own jaguars and are also interested in racing too. A few of them, for nostalgia’s sake, want to know about Jaguar’s contribution in the car-racing world. They should check out the history of racing cars and they will be surprised to find the Jaguar featured prominently.

The knowledgeable few who do know about the racing history of Jaguar will know about the Le Mans 24 hours race that is held on a circuit 13.5 kilometers long. This race is held over flat terrain countryside in the western part of France and is considered to be the same like the Delamas terrain. The Le Mans is considered to be one of the world’s most famous auto races. It was way back in the 1923’s that this race was started and is held every year.

During the 1950 race only one make dominated the entire race and there are no prizes for guessing the same… it was Jaguar. In 1950 Jaguar had pitted their XK120 in this race but did not meet with any success. However, in 1951, the C-type version of XK120 was put in the race with the team leader being Stirling Moss. To the amazement of everyone that had assembled to see the race, the Jaguars nearly led from the start to the finish. Once can say for certain that the Jaguars have a golden racing history.